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Brownie's Sea Lion™ Diving System

Floating Third Lung System

Third Lung Electric Diving

Brownie's new Sea Lion™ with lithium ion batteries and Variable Speed technology is the world's first floating, battery-powered hookah systems capable of supporting multiple divers to recreational depths for over three hours! Divers and boaters who prefer not to store and handle gasoline now have a cleaner and greener option for hookah diving, but still have the diving time a gasoline hookah offers.

The sealed lithium ion battery is the key to the Sea Lion™ efficiency. These excellent batteries hold the power you need for more diving time. The Max Depth Selector allows more efficiency for your depth choice.

Sea Lion™ Hookah Diving System

Sea Lion Hookah Diving System

Sea Lion™ Key Features

  • Maximum run time of over 3+ hours / minimum about 2
  • Easy swap lithium ion battery with spring loaded contacts – no plug connectors
  • Variable speed algorithm – runs based on diver demands, shuts off when not used
  • Maximum depth selector for higher efficiency modes
  • Battery level indicator
  • 58 lbs in pan without lid
  • 2 divers to 65 ft and 3 divers to 35 ft* and 4 dives to 15-20 ft* (with the purchase of the add-a-diver kit*) *See Chart Below
  • Dimensions: LxWxH in pan without lid = 24x16x13 in.

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Dive Time Chart

The Sea Lion™ Hookah System comes with the Max Depth Selector.
The dial at the top of the system allows you to select your maximum dive depth for a longer run time when used at a smaller depth setting. Choose between 15 , 25 and 65 feet. When the system is switched on, the compressor will pulse on startup to confirm which option has been selected. The final product may have more options.
One pulse: 15 feet        Two pulses: 25 feet    Three pulses: 65 feet

Max Depth Selector

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