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Third Lung Diving Accesories

Find below Accessories for your Brownie's Third Lung gear and additional models for specialized purposes. Contact Us with your questions and for more information.

Get all the gear for your VS Electric Third Lung for hours of more fun! See batteries, chargers, carrying bags and more.
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The first built-in third lung system with electric recoil hose reel! Use it for inspections, maintenance and, of course, recreation.
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All divers are taught to carry a secondary air source in case of emergency, and hookah diving is no different. Brownie's Third Lung recommends that all divers carry enough air to make a safe ascent at any time. It's also perfect for quick response to items dropped over-board, verfying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and much more!
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With Brownie's Kayak Diving Hose Kits you can leave your tank topside and move about freely and effortlessly as the hose glides behind you - out of sight and out of mind. So many different applications and configurations make our Hoses and Kayak Diving Hose Kits a MUST!
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Brownie's Floating Hookah System can now be mounted on a personal watercraft (PWC)! This new application features a custom bracket that attaches to the back of the craft and securely holds the gasoline-powered air compressor.
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Contact Us today for more information and to buy Brownie's Third Lung Accessories.

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