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Third Lung Diving Accesories

Find below electical Accessories for your Brownie's Third Lung gear. Batteries, chargers, bags and power supplies available. Contact Us with your questions and for more information.

Battery (Compact) PC925

Extend your diving day with a spare set of batteries for your VS Floating Hookah system. VS Floating Hookah and VS1 Boat Hookah systems come with 2 PC925 batteries.

Battery and Carry Bag PC925WC

Spare PC925 battery with a heavy-duty Battery Carry Bag.

ODYSSEY Ultimizer Battery Charger OMAX-12A-1B

Designed to recharge ODYSSEY batteries at the most efficient rate. Wired to charge up to 2 batteries simultaneously. Also performs as a maintenance charger - batteries can remain connected and "ON" without damage to batteris or charger.

Battery (Full Size) PC1500

Larger battery included in the VS2 Boat Hookah systems - 2 required per system.

Note:The PC1500 battery will NOT fit in the VS Floating Hookah system or the VS1 Boat Hookah system.

Contact Us today for more information and to buy Brownie's Third Lung Accessories.