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CTD390 Commercial Gas Third Lung

CTD390 Commercial Gas Third Lung Diving

CTD390 Commercial Gas Third Lung Systems The CTD-390 Brownie's Third Lung series is the choice of professionals around the world. With the dependable 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine and Auto Downloaders, these commercial Third Lung units are ready for extended work days. Twin Accumulators are mated with each compressor to ensure a constant air supply.

The CTD-390 includes the Twin Piston Direct Drive compressor powered by a 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine. Twin three gallon accumulator tanks come with a pressure gauge. The unit is set in a vibration free aluminum frame. The 390 comes set-up for two divers including two 150' hoses, two regulators, two drop weight Cummerbelts, quick release swivel fittings, remote intake, and a reusable inline filter.
The CTD-390 DUPLEX includes two complete systems described above mounted in a structural aluminum cage with wheels. It comes set-up for two divers. Because these units are designed for deeper diving, the Drop Weight Cummerbelt and Egressor Scuba System should be used for the ultimate in bailout safety. Both of these items are available as options. All Brownie's Commercial hookah diving systems are deck mount and land use only and do not include a flotation tube.

The CTD390X features:
  • Motor: Robins Subaru, 4 stroke motor
  • Compressor: Dual Head Direct Drive Oilless
  • Air output 8.0 cfm @ 50 psi
  • Run time: 3+ hours per tank of gas
  • Depth: 2 divers/70'-80' and 3 divers/35'-45'*
  • Weight: 72 pounds – unit only on aluminum frame
  • Dimensions: 27″L x 17″W x 19″H
    (with the intake staff removed) 
*With the purchase of an Add-A-Diver kit

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