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Third Lung Manuals & Specifications

Third Lung Diving Manuals

Brownie's Third Lung Diving Manuals

Please find below the manuals, specifications and other information in printable PDF format from Brownie's Third Lung. Contact Us with your questions and for more information.

Surface Supplied Air

Brownie's Third Lung™ Floating Series

Third Lung Gasoline Series Manual (F285X/F390X)
Third Lung Variable Speed Diving Systems (VS265X/VS335X)
Variable Speed Hand Carry Diving Systems (VSHCDC/VSACDC)
Third Lung Explorer Diving Systems Specs
Personal Watercraft Dive Systems Specs
Brownie's Third Lung Engine Manual

Brownie's Third Lung™ Electric Series

E150 / E250 Owner's Manual

Brownie's Third Lung™ Commercial Series

Commercial System Manual

Brownie's Integrated Air Systems

EC1/EC2 Owner's Manual
EC1 Specs
EC2 Specs

Brownie's Third Lung Maintenance

BTL Emergency Maintenance Procedures

Brownie's E-Reel™ Systems

Brownie's E-Reel™ Cube
Brownie's E-Reel™ Cube (Add-on hose reel system)

Tankfill / NitroxMaker™

High Pressure Compressors

Light Duty
YachtPro™ 25 Compressor Manual
YachtPro™ 25 Compressor Spec Sheet

Medium Duty
YachtPro™ 45 Compressor Manual
YachtPro™ 45 Compressor Spec Sheet

Heavy Duty
YachtPro™ 55 Compressor Manual
YachtPro™ 55 Compressor Spec Sheet
YachtPro™ 75 Compressor Manual
YachtPro™ 75 Compressor Spec Sheet

Super Heavy Duty
YachtPro™ 135 Compressor Manual
YachtPro™ 135 Compressor Spec Sheet

Commercial Bauer Series
Dive Mate– 3 & 4 Stage High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
Engine Driven– 4 & 5 Stage High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
Mini & Maxi Verticus– 3, 4 & 5 Stage High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
Portables– 3 Stage High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
Vertecon– 3, 4 & 5 Stage High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

Bauer Filtration/Purification Systems
Bauer Air Purification Systems

NitroxMaker™ Systems

Yacht Series
NitroxMaker™ System Specs

Commercial Series (NM-CS)
NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series System Manual

Filtration / Purification Systems
Bauer Air Purification Systems– Securus®

Scuba Tank Filling Systems & Storage

Fill Panels
4X4 Fill Panel Specs
Scuba & SCBA Fill Panels Specs

Dive Resource Centers & High Pressure Storage
Scuba Tank Filling Systems & Storage Specs
Design/Engineering & Custom Tank Filling Options (Chilled Bath) Specs
Dive Resource Center (DRC) Sheet

Bauer Fill Stations
CFSII– Containment Fill Stations

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