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Gas Third Lung Diving Brownie's Gas Powered Third Lung is proudly presented by Brownie's YachtDiver, the number one dealer world wide in sales and service of Brownie's Third Lung hookah diving equipment and accessories. We are here to provide the proper Brownie's Third Lung gear that is exactly right for your hookah diving needs.

Please click and view the model links below for images and specifications for each of the Gas Powered Brownie's Third Lung hookah diving models we sell and service. Don't forget to see the Brownies Third Lung Accessories we stock as well.

Brownie's YachtDiver has Bauer Certified technicians come to your boat or location for service. Brownie's YachtDiver is an Authorized Service Center for all Brownie's Third Lung products.


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Smiling Shark with Hook in Mouth
Smiling Shark with Hook in Mouth
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